The first time I ever heard bows could be interpreted like this




If I ever saw one of my celebrity crushes in real life I wouldn’t approach them. Instead I would pay a homeless man twenty bucks to punch me in the face in front of them. Because based on all of the fanfiction I have read they would then rush to my aid and then invite me back to their apartment to get an ice pack and then I say something cute and witty that makes them want to kiss me and then we fall in love and get married.

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Once upon a time, allegations were made, and when you anger Anons, skeletons from the closet tends to be brought out again


Pinoy Tumblr.: Story behind the song SPOLARIUM of ERASERHEADS



I’m an avid fan of Eraserheads- the Beatles of the Philippines. I grew up with their music. I know most of their songs. And even though they’ve already disbanded, I’m still a fan. Their songs are still alive and their music is still a trend.

One of my favorite songs was SPOLARIUM. I keep on…

Um, guys? The rape story was disproven on the very page this post links to. Goddammit internet.

Um, how? (browsed the link, didn’t see anything disproving?) I know this explanation too. And yes, a professor in U.P. told our class. And she wasn’t joking. And if I got it right, The Rolando B. Tolentino even wrote an article on this. (How it was so fucked up that Pepsi Paloma’s remembered for her grammatically wrong suicide letter instead of the actual reason—the rape—that drove her to her death) Mabibili yata sa National Bookstore. Can’t remember exactly pero nasa series that discussed popular culture. Anyhow, even Willie Revillame referred to this rape case when he took a not-so-subtle hit on Joey De Leon in one of their many nootime show L.Q’s The one where he cried because he claimed Wowowee wasn’t cheating anyone. Buti daw siya eto lang ang kaso… and so goes the drift.

Define browse?

Karin Araneta Says:

Pardon me for saying this but your English translation of the song is just really bad (i.e. di ko na masasakyan //I’ll never be riding it, etc.???). That said, you’re right about what Spoliarium is. The song was entitled as such because that is how E (and almost everyone else who was there that night, except me since I did not get intoxicated), well, “felt” on the evening when this all happened.

Yes, the setting was in San Juan. A condo in San Juan, to be specific. On the 11th floor.

Enteng was one of the Eraserheads roadies that time; Joey a.k.a. Cowpunk, a classmate of Raims, was a member of the Eraserheads posse. So, no, this has no reference whatsoever to (Tito) Vic or Joey. And most especially Pepsi Paloma. I’m appalled that, as “Gold” said, this is what professors in UP are spreading. I hope they stop.

The song is more literal than you think. I guess everyone is just used to the Eheads always being cryptic in their songs, so when a literal song is finally written people can’t help but search for hidden meaning. Unfortunately in this particular song, there is none.


“Gintong alak” is Goldschläger, very strong Italian cinnamon schnapps which is one of the culprits for the intoxication that evening.

With the hype against that part of the Anti-CyberCrime Law, this story surfaced once more:


The adults I asked said this is true, it seems this case is an open secret. I don’t know what to write or if I should share my opinions since I don’t feel I’m knowledgeable about this topic. But one thing’s for sure, secrets are not meant to be kept forever. I could already hear the future reactions: Why bring an event that was forgotten for so many years now?

I am not so sure myself, but this feels like Vanessa Hudgens complaining why people still talking about her nudes, even if it had been years since. Remember Bad Company’s song: “There’s no Smoke Without a Fire, and There’s no Heat Without a Flame”

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And while the rest of my friends are busy with the final exams and the end of all things internetz…I have a new cell phone chain!


Pardon my ignorance, but it had been such a pleasant surprise when it suddenly glowed during our first night together. After a few days, I noticed that the cork’s smaller though =( It will meet its end someday, but for the moment it is my precious~


Oh yeah, the paper below it? My notes for the exam I took this Monday. Still have a few more to take this week, hope I’ll get through and survive and still be sane XD So that is the main reason why I haven’t been able to update this blog (and few others I maintain at Blogger), Time’s a shortage these days, bear with me =)


  • “oh is this for me? really? are you sure?”
  • “well okay if you insist. i hope i’m not taking too big of bites i know some people think that’s not gentlemanly”
  • “oh this is really delicious, thank you so much i mean it”
  • “mmm let me just savor the taste for a bit, mmmm oh yes thanks again for that”
  • “yes that is very tasty. oh no you don’t have to give me anymore you’ve done so much already i couldn’t possibly accept so much kindness and generosity, you are an angel” 

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think my stomach dropped a little when i read that wow




think my stomach dropped a little when i read that wow

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How stupid could they be?

So one day, I was skimming the newspaper for good samples of advertisements for our Marketing Management 2 course when I came unto this:     


What th-? I read the print ad two more times just to be sure I read it right. I was. Goodness, did those mining guys even thought of what they’ve written here? Is this a joke or are they just this shallow? Stupid Logic is stupid. It burns my eyes to see they could be so literal when the problem focuses on sustainability, the environment and fairness towards the miners and the community around the mining sites. Those are the reason why there are anti-mining groups nowadays.

Look what happened now, making child-like logic. I want to reply by~


Pork meat is from pigs, who needs AIR to breathe


oh dear me


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